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02/01 23:57 UTC1800.2AC8APTnx for listening. Top Band is very noisy here in sw VA tonightN4QA
02/01 23:49 UTC1800.2N4QAThey are on the same side of the ridge, just west of Greenville. Will keep listeningAC8AP
02/01 23:38 UTC1800.2N4QACurrently being heard only in Easley, South CarolinaN4QA
02/01 23:37 UTC1800.2N4QAI don't hear you yet. Maybe get better with time. I called you with 5 watts.AC8AP
02/01 23:31 UTC1800.2AC8APYes, still there !N4QA
02/01 23:20 UTC1800.2N4QAAre you still there? I am listening now, just saw your post.AC8AP
02/01 22:54 UTC1800.2N4QANorCal FCC-2 barefoot to GADS! antenna at 600 W erpN4QA
02/01 20:30 UTC21012.0HK1ANPWorked Fred with K2 at 5w and beam.WB3AAL
02/01 19:31 UTC14.347K7ODFUtah SotaK2HT
02/01 17:20 UTC14.063WD9F/7Tnx Bill - KV6Z for Q. Gg to qrt now and wait til band improvesWD9F
02/01 16:54 UTC14.063WD9F/7Calling and listening next hourWD9F
02/01 14:26 UTC14002N4QANorCal FCC-2 at three and one half milliwatts to half-wave c-f dipole antennaN4QA
02/01 13:18 UTC7005KA4RURCQ'ingKA4RUR

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