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01/19 23:09 UTC3560N9EGTI'll email you with specifics and a couple of questions.AF4YF
01/19 23:07 UTC7.039W4QOtu Jim 2xqrpKB5JO
01/19 22:51 UTC3560N9EGTWere you right on my frequency? I copy best about 500 cyles above my TXN9EGT
01/19 22:49 UTC3560N9EGTI have problems with noise and Cricket is a bit off frequency on RX Tnx BillN9EGT
01/19 22:48 UTC3560AF4YFContact with Cricket!!!N9EGT
01/19 22:47 UTC3560N9EGTHeard you loud and clear! Very nice sounding cricketAF4YF
01/19 22:31 UTC7.122BX6ABCCQ with CWBX6ABC
01/19 22:27 UTC3560N9EGTCQ with my Cricket 80AN9EGT
01/19 22:27 UTC7.039KB5JONC40A 1WKB5JO
01/19 22:16 UTC3580N9EGTCQ with my Cricket 80A if I can hear past W1AWN9EGT
01/19 21:58 UTC7121.9KE8AOLCalling 3X2 CQ with 50mw from SE MichiganKE8AOL

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