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11/23 02:05 UTC3579.5KA8ONWI heard N5GW and called several times but no replyKA8ONW
11/23 01:51 UTC3579N5GWN5GW
11/23 00:15 UTC3579VE3XThearing him but not being heard when replyingWB0CFF
11/23 00:06 UTC3.579WB0CFFlistening for crickets for a whileWB0CFF
11/22 22:07 UTC3502N4QABarefoot NorCal FCC-2 DDS VFO at forty-five milliwatts to the GADS! antennaN4QA
11/22 19:19 UTC18080 TG9/WA7IICCalling CQ 5w Antigua GuatemalaWA7IIC
11/22 17:26 UTC18072N4QABob Okas FCC-2 DDS VFO at twenty milliwatts to GADS! plus one ( radial ) antennaN4QA
11/22 15:11 UTC14.060WB4MNKQrp Daytona FL parksKD4JS
11/22 14:35 UTC10.113WB4MNKQrp Daytona FL parksKD4JS
11/22 14:19 UTC14.060KA5VZEcq 5wKA5VZE

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