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05/26 09:52 UTC3579.7KB5JOCricket for 10 minKB5JO
05/26 02:54 UTC14000.6N4QADSW-II-20/17 at four watts to the GADS! antennaN4QA
05/26 01:48 UTC3579.7WA8REI559 n TX on Cricket nt hring meKB5JO
05/26 01:41 UTC3579.7KB5JOCricketKB5JO
05/26 01:07 UTC3579.8N9EGTCQ from CricketN9EGT
05/25 23:49 UTC3579.8KC8URTony in OHIO MY #5N9EGT
05/25 23:01 UTC3579.7KB5JOCricketKB5JO
05/25 22:34 UTC18068.6HB9CVQMany tnx QSO, Andy ! Hr DSW-II-20/17 at two watts to the GADS! antennaN4QA

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