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Date/Time FrequencyCallCommentsSpotter
11/28 22:13 UTC1802WB3AALDear Ron, check the title of this page...see above. 72N4QA
11/28 22:10 UTC1802N4QAMake a real QSO and stop self spotting. I thought that is what this site was for, QSO\'s made with QRP. Not self spotting.WB3AAL
11/28 21:58 UTC1802N4QAIC-703 to GADS! antenna, three milliwatts erpN4QA
11/28 19:46 UTC14001N4QANorCal FCC-2 at three hundred fifty microwatts to half-wave cf dipole antennaN4QA
11/28 19:27 UTC14.060W9FHACalling CQW9FHA
11/28 18:48 UTC7.285W8HFCalling CQ. S.E. Ohio. 5 Watts into VertW8HF
11/28 18:35 UTC21027YU1KXCallingKV6Z
11/28 18:34 UTC7.250W8HF5 Watts into vertical W8HF
11/28 17:21 UTC21.060N9ZXLDave, IL, 3W, SKCC71140S5ICN
11/28 17:06 UTC28006.3M6RSBWorked Bob with K2 at 5w and beam. 10m is starting to close.WB3AAL
11/28 16:52 UTC28002.2PA2MWorked Frank with K2 at 5w and beam. Loud into EPA.WB3AAL
11/28 16:32 UTC21026.0IT9/W5MXWorked Tom with K2 at 5w and beam. Very loud into EPA land.WB3AAL
11/28 14:55 UTC5332W9EBETnx 60m QSO, Chip. Hr IC-703 at 5000 mw to GADS! antenna 72N4QA
11/28 12:17 UTC7.041N8BBcq\'n at 50mw/dpl N8BB
11/28 11:27 UTC14002N4QANorCal FCC-2 at three and one half milliwatts to half-wave cf dipole antennaN4QA
11/28 10:30 UTC28.061RW3AIVal, MoscowS5ICN

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