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07/29 20:35 UTC14.060WD9F/8Calling and listening from Cabin at Marquette Bay on lake Superior. 5W to vertical.WD9F
07/29 20:28 UTC14001.2N4QANorCal FCC-2 at thirty five milliwatts to GADS! antennaN4QA
07/29 15:12 UTC14060N4NSSKyle is 579 into NC working Ed WA3WSJ on Pulpit RockKB4QQJ/P
07/29 15:06 UTC14060WA3WSJEd is gitting stronger in NC...KB4QQJ/P
07/29 14:52 UTC14060W6/7N1RTOcorrect callsign...my fat fingers on cell phone....sorryKB4QQJ/P
07/29 14:50 UTC14060W6/71NRTO?? new one on me, but strong into NC at 30 over!!KB4QQJ/P
07/29 14:35 UTC10116WA3WSJ/PMworking kb4qqj, Very weak in CO. at 1427zW0RW
07/29 14:30 UTC10116K1NMFnice chat with Dennis. KX3 at 5w to LnR Quad 4 at 25 feetKB4QQJ/P
07/29 14:05 UTC10.116WA3WSJlooking for ya Ed and crew on Appilachian Trail. 14060 and 10116KB4QQJ/P

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