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09/21 03:55 UTC14.060WA5TCZanyone still around? CQ 50MW DarronWA5TCZ
09/20 23:57 UTC14001.2N4QANorCal FCC-2 at thirty five milliwatts to GADS! antennaN4QA
09/20 22:46 UTC14.059N1SZOsure is, will be main rig for awhile here...72 nice sig til nxt time gud dxW8KJ
09/20 22:44 UTC14.059W8KJTnx Kevin! rockmite to rockmite is always fun! 72N1SZO
09/20 22:30 UTC14.059N1SZOcq de Vermont 170mW RockmiteN1SZO
09/20 21:34 UTC7.033NE5DLQRP AfieldWA5FWC
09/20 21:28 UTC14.286KK4LGZTrying to activate SOTAKL4LGZ
09/20 18:33 UTC10.117WA1CFXtnx for the 2xQRP contact Howard...72VE3MPQ
09/20 17:17 UTC21001.5N4QAFT-450D at fifty milliwatts to GADS! antennaN4QA

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